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Work hand in hand with local and state law enforcement to ensure the efficient administration of justice            and the best utilization of resources.


I pledge mutual respect for the time of law enforcement officers and to provide all resources they require so they are not spending hours and hours waiting in the courtroom.



Work with my fellow District Justices to coordinate scheduled hearings and utilize our community resources effectively.



 Coordinate implementation of the Drug Court to alleviate crowding in the Clearfield County Jail, rehabilitate low-level drug offenders, and more effectively manage the resources of the County Jail system.



Reestablish the Teen Court system collaborating with  education and mental health providers to rehabilitate teen offenders to put them on a track to success within our community. 

Get to Know Elliot


Elliot has deep roots in the DuBois community where he was born and raised. He went to Penn State University graduating with a degree in Finance and a Minor in Political Science.  After Penn State, he attended Law School at the University of Pittsburgh.  While living in Pittsburgh, Elliot was elected Judge of Elections, where he served for four years prior to moving back to DuBois.


Elliot has long been dedicated to serving the DuBois Area. Among his many commitments, he is active in the DuBois Rotary Club and teaches classes yearly at Penn State DuBois. He also serves as the Treasurer for the Board of Directors of the DuBois YMCA. Finally, Elliot has coached U-6 and U-8 youth soccer for the past three seasons.


As an Attorney, Elliot has experience in the administration of justice. Elliot served as a law clerk for The Honorable Judge Deller in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania and has been fighting for the rights of his clients for over 10 years. Elliot hopes to continue to serve the people of DuBois as the District Justice.

"As a District Justice it is an imperative to protect the rights of all citizens. A District Judge has immense power to infringe on or inappropriately deny those rights.  For that reason, I believe that my education and professional background as an attorney, trained in the laws, sworn by an oath to uphold and protect the laws, and bound by ethical duty, best suits me to be the District Judge.  If elected, to further orient myself with the obligations of this elected office, I pledge to participate in the Magisterial District Judge training class and its exam. "

Elliot lives in DuBois with his wife, Jenn Zaffuto and their two children, Jake and Chloe.










The DuBois Magisterial District Justice covers DuBois as well as Treasure Lake, Penfield, Luthersburg, Rockton, Troutville, Falls Creek and Sandy Township.

Read Elliot's Campaign Announcement from The Courier Express. 

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